The Christmas Market

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While I’m female and therefore naturally predisposed to be heavily and heartily drawn to all things ‘cute’, I think we can all admit to merrily succumbing to the ‘cute’ and ‘cozy’ during the holidays. Cozy season is upon us and no matter who or where you are, you have to agree that all you want to do is curl up by the fire (i.e the fireplace channel) in a candlelit room with a book and some hot, sugary beverage. You want to be surrounded by twinkling, twirling, sparkly objects and you want to be drowning in a Drake-esque turtleneck.

Right. Now that we can all agree to agree, I can introduce to you the cutest and coziest holiday activity that there ever was: Toronto’s very own Distillery District Christmas Market. This place is cuter than a French Bulldog puppy turtling on its back and cozier than being buried in a pillow-fort 7 episodes into Narcos.

Christmas Market TO | Canalien & Co. | Canada | Travel | Clothing

Introducing: Toronto’s Distillery District Christmas Market

The restored cobblestone walkways and Victorian-era buildings keep the heart of the Gooderham and Worts Distillery beating. Founded in 1832, the distillery became the largest in the world by the late 1860s. Today, the district holds the largest collection of Victorian Industrial Architecture in North America, fusing the dramatic beauty of the old with the buzzing excitement of the new. Nestled amongst the slouching red brick buildings are designer boutiques, modern art galleries, adorable cafes and award-winning restaurants.

 Christmas Market TO | Canalien & Co. | Canada | Travel | Clothing

 Distillery District’s modern buzz

The district’s history and spirit(s) run deep. During the prohibition, it was from one of these restaurants, Pure Spirits Oyster House and Grill, that whiskey barrels began their covert journeys across the lake and around the world. Now, for all of those who love to shuck, Pure Spirits is praised for its seafood, flying in its oysters and fish daily from across North America and abroad.

Christmas Market TO | Canalien & Co. | Canada | Travel | Clothing

What’s a holiday without oysters?

The Christmas Market is a haven of food and craft vendors, and of course, is twinkling, twirling and sparkling.

Christmas Market TO | Canalien & Co. | Canada | Travel | ClothingChristmas Market TO | Canalien & Co. | Canada | Travel | Clothing

Nice obviously

If the bite of our winter wind doesn’t bring colour to your cheeks, the market’s mulled wine will. A tip: you only need two words to get you through the rest of the holidays (/2016): MULLED. WINE. I’m lagging having only discovered the wonder that is mulled wine this year but hey, better late than never. Forget every cozy beverage you’ve ever known. Hot cocoa, apple cider, rum and eggnog… aren’t a thing and don’t have a thing on mulled wine. Glühwein (German-style mulled wine) is a traditional European beverage; heated and spiced red wine, this treat is a must, wino or not.

Christmas Market TO | Canalien & Co. | Canada | Travel | Clothing


This market is bursting with an irresistible cheer and I assure you its charm will capture and hold you. Be sure to add this enchanting little place to your holiday agenda next year and until then…

Christmas Market TO | Canalien & Co. | Canada | Travel | Clothing

Happy New Year!

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