Summer Road Trip

We stuffed our bags into the back of the SUV, leaning our weight into them to close the trunk. Ana and I nestled into the back seat – a cove of pillows, books, and chip bags. The boys cranked the stereo to whatever artists we were set to see the following day at Osheaga – and we were off.


“I am very selfish, really. I lived for love.” – Zadie Smith, On Beauty

Too many drinks, too many laughs. I spent my birthday with some people who make my heart swell, sipping stiff margaritas on a hushed restaurant patio and bouncing around a dance floor until morning at some grimy basement club, the DJ’s sounds vibrating in my chest.

At Osheaga, the heat beat down as did the artists and the day was a blissful blur.

img_5213img_5180img_5177img_5166img_5229img_5304-editimg_5308img_5298img_5162img_5097IslBGIslBGIslBGIslBGIslBGIslBGMTL shots by @bukn35mm

Next stop, Quebec City.

Quebec City

“Every moment happens twice: inside and outside, and they are two different histories.” – Zadie Smith, White Teeth

This city isn’t another flavor of its metropolitan neighbor, it’s a whole, grand city all on its own. It breathed energy back into us. It’s as if we stepped into a little slice of Europe when the sun began to set, casting long, contrasting shadows against the pale façade of the buildings. 

We gorged on penne and pizza at a classic bistro in Old Town, and wandered the narrow, cobblestoned streets, gelato in hand, pausing to watch the street performers, momentarily transfixed. 

The following morning, after a deep sleep in our slouching and creaking Air BnB, we were back into the SUV – this time for the long haul.

img_5342img_5347img_5344img_5366img_5361img_5322-2img_5327QC City shots by @bukn35mm


“She hopes for nothing except fine weather and a resolution. She wants to end properly, like a good sentence.” Zadie Smith, The Autograph Man

When you have the time, take it. When time slows down, slow down with it. PEI moved at its own pace and it was a gift to slow our gait to its. The hours expanded and contracted and it was all the same to us. Our day wasn’t prescribed with a pre-packaged agenda. We woke up when our eyes opened and went to bed when we grew tired.

Our days were sunny and sandy and our evenings were cozy and calm. I pulled my book out often, went for a jog along the beach, no shoes or headphones, and dabbled in shucking oysters.

A highlight of the trip was our evening at Mel and Mitch’s quaint little cabin by the sea – I have to refer to it as such because the Air BnB was quite literally plucked from a poem. We sat out back sipping chardonnay and watching the boys swat golf balls into the ocean.

We all made dinner together, sitting down to eat on the back porch by candle light, the ocean no longer visible but its presence very much known. Following dinner, with bellies full, the boys started a fire in the backyard and, sticks in hand, we held marshmallows to the coals and laughed in the inky darkness of the maritimes until it was once again, time for bed.


Some PEI shots by @bukn35mm, some by yours truly.

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