It look some time for 2020 to seep into my skin. The weight of it. The lightness of it. The excitement and gratitude and, quite frankly, the awe of it.

It took some time to still myself and truly reflect.

Do I look back and check off my accomplishments and consider what I want do with them? I will. But I’ll also allow myself to feel pride in them.

Do I look back and recount my mistakes and acknowledge their lessons and the growth they’ve afforded me? I will. But I’ll also forgive myself for them.

Do I look forward, with my goals and objectives in my pocket, and resolutely pursue my path? I will. But I’ll also allow myself to stray or swerve.

But what I’ll do first is look around me and count my blessings for the people who have entered into my life. The people who support me, inspire me, accept me, energize me. The people who love me because of and despite.

The people who’ve gifted me with the infinite interactions that piece together to make up the immeasurable experiences that have been my life thus far.

When I look back at the last decade, it’s not the seemingly monumental moments that stand out to me as the most significant. It’s not the graduations or new jobs or promotions. It’s not the new cities or beaches or trails. It’s the tiniest moments that charted the course of everything thereafter.

I’m entering this decade with a wide open heart and mind. Open to change and challenges. Open to comfort and contentment. Open to failure and trying again. Open to what makes me feel good and happy. With the people who make me feel good and happy.

I’m entering this decade wide open to myself.

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